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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Moments from the Studio 8 Launch

The Studio 8 Launch happened in New Delhi, with the likes of Mike Downey and Jennifer Taylor introducing the much marketed and awaited Macromedia Studio 8.
You can catch a glimpse of the launch here.

The launch was kicked off by Jim Guerard, explaining how they changed the product development cycle with Studio 8 by putting the customer upfront, and how big the release is for Macromedia.

The real meat of the session was Mike taking on some of the new features of Flash 8, explaining quite a lot of details, though much is already known (and here).
One of the things that he clearly mentioned was the component set remains the same for Flash 8, as the component development for the entire company has been taken over by the Flex team. Something to disappoint as he actually said that we will have to wait until Flex 2 or even Flash 9?
Not sure what that means, but performance has not been touched upon. We will have to see if they use Bitmap caching to increase component performance.

Jen Taylor introduced Dreamweaver 8 with some of the new features like zoom, more intuitive css, video for web. I feel, support for drag and drop xml and xslt looked very powerful, and worth the upgrade alone!

Just before the end of the session, there was a moment where they spoke about how historic the event is, being the last product launch event as Macromedia... and the next time they come will be wearing the Adobe's hat.